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Two things:

Firstly, this section is to help you develop your own understanding and strengths advocating for positive animal welfare law for the sentient animal.

Secondly, please send-and-add your own resources and help others do the same.

With a law reform in mind, you can help by ....

... forwarding resources that are relevant to the subject of animal sentience, and positive animal welfare.

This includes, for example, case law, legislation, research papers, and selected education courses that might educate, inform and assist others on topics that are relevant to our Vision and Mission.

If you're involved in - or aware of - initiatives that use technologies, apply new animal-related practices, or otherwise provide credible, verifiable and relevant material proving that positive animal welfare "works" (e.g is needed, profitable, tangibly beneficial) then do let us know.

Law, and law reform, hinges on facts and evidence.

Below you'll find links to, and copies of, publications, submissions to public consultations, and other resources that you can reference and adapt.

Future plans are to develop a database of experts, materials, and evidence. So check back often and do please send us your ideas for further development. Although these things take time, it's probably stating the obvious that we achieve the outcomes faster when working together.

(In addition to working together to build the resources together, take a look at the "Join us" page on this website for additional ways we can work together to give them a life enjoyed).

Key Terms

Your quick reference guide:

SAL papers and submissions and ...

Starting Points

We've published, forwarded submissions, and presented widely on the subject of animal sentience and positive animal welfare law.

Listed below are some of our selected picks chosen because they cover the key terms, concepts and issues relevant to the law reform advocated by SAL.

Published Papers:

  • Recognising and Defining Animal Sentience in Legislation: A Framework for Importing Positive Animal Welfare Through the Five Domains Model’ (2022) 48(1) Monash University Law Review (forthcoming). https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3910864
  • Will Victoria (Australia) miss the Sentience Doorway and have a 2021 Animal Law Reform that is outdated even before it is enacted? https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3861352
  • Sentience in the Animal Welfare Act, "To feel or not to feel; that is the legal question", The New Zealand Law Journal Feb 2017 [Copy available upon request]

Submissions To Public Consultations & Government Committees

  • Appearance in front of the New South Wales Standing Committee on State Development giving evidence at a hearing for the inquiry into Animal Welfare Policy in NSW (Australia) [2022]. A copy of the Opening Statement of the Sentient Animal Law Foundation is available upon request.
  • Submissions to New South Wales (Australia) public consultation on proposed animal law reforms [Copy available upon request] [2021]
  • Submissions to Queensland (Australia) public consultation on proposed animal law reforms [Copy available upon request] [2021]
  • Submissions to Brexit public consultation on the Sentient Animal Law Bill [Copy available upon request][2021]
  • Submissions to Victoria (Australia) public consultation on proposed animal law reforms [Copy available upon request] [2020]


  • Animal Welfare Law and the Sentient Animal: From Legislative Recognition to Definition - https://lawnewsroom.deakin.edu.au/articles/animal-welfare-law-and-the-sentient-animal-from-legislative-recognition-to-definition
  • A view of law's “sentient” animal through the legal lens - Multistakeholder interactive government workshop - https://www.mpi.govt.nz/dmsdocument/30191/direct - https://www.mpi.govt.nz/animals/animal-welfare/national-animal-welfare-advisory-committee/animal-sentience-2017-workshop-speaker-videos/


  • Animals, Welfare and the Law -
    Fundamental Principles for Critical Assessment - https://www.routledge.com/Animals-Welfare-and-the-Law-Fundamental-Principles-for-Critical-Assessment/Robertson/p/book/9780415535632
  • The second edition of "Animals, Welare and the Law - Fundamental Principles Governing Sentient Animals" is scheduled for publication in 2022.

As a Foundation,...

...we have a commitment to education, lobbying and collaborative assistance with organisations whose objectives are aligned with the concept of a legislative definition of sentience that creates positive animal welfare law, thereby making it “the law” to give animals a life enjoyed, not just endured.

And we are always wanting to trumpet the SAL message.

So, if you've got a conference, webinar, professional development program, board meeting, multistakeholder event, summit, convention or similar where the subject of a legal reform that turns positive animal welfare into law might fit as a topic, then we'd love to participate if we can.

The Sentient Animal Law Foundation