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    ...that raises standards of animal welfare in just years, instead of decades

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    ...than just protect animals from cruelty

What's the cost of working with outdated animal law?

The 'human-animal-environmental" relationship underpins lives, livelihoods and contemporary issues.

Just 3 words give you updated law, a nationwide-sized change in behaviours, and law that's fit for our modern world.

Animal welfare is a cornerstone consideration for animal-related goals, ideas and programs seeking to resolve major issues involving sustainability, climate change, biodiversity loss, antimicrobial resistance, food production and more. There are lots of organisations with lots of ideas - but they all consistently come back to one pragmatic question: "HOW" do you turn the theory and ideas into applied operational realities?

Updating the standards which govern the human-animal relationship isn't the panacea to all world problems, but it's a key element to the success of any progressive animal-related program because of the pivotal role of animals in our society. So improving animal welfare practically, sustainably and fairly relies on updated standards that align with the latest scientific evidence, current political priorities and public expectations – all while making the legislation easier to enforce.

There's only one change management tool that brings about NATIONWIDE behavioural change with updated standards. This website shows you how to put just 3 words into that tool to deliver "elevated standards of animal welfare" that benefit government, NGO's, industry, and the life experience of people and animals.

The Sentient Animal Law Foundation is led by experts in animal law, public law and law reform. That means Sentient Animal Law is uniquely positioned on how to write law that works in practice. This is demonstrated by the fact that the "positive animal welfare" law reform advocated by Sentient Animal Law is NOT just a paper theory. It has already been implemented in Australia and the Sentient Animal Law Foundation is looking to align, help and synergise with those who want to REPLICATE that success worldwide.

If you're among those who recognise that animal law's status quo needs to change, then you'll want to have a look at SAL which has been described as "the most refreshingly straight-forward law reform to advance animal welfare".

There's an inseparable relationship between people, animals, and our shared environment
Law is unique as a change management tool
Law's duty of care shapes people's responsibilities, attitudes and behaviours

A 3-word law reform

Imagine if ALL ORGANISATIONS wanting to meaningful elevate standards of animal welfare, SPOKE WITH ONE VOICE for the law reform that results in law that does more than just protect animals from cruelty.

That broad universal change assisting all organisations would remove the barriers that each organisation routinely encounters in achieving their individual organisational objectives.

  • The SAL Foundation works alongside NGOs to show how this 3-word law reform is relevant to their organisation's objectives.
  • The SAL Foundation collaborates with government and corporates because their decisions about animal welfare impact each jurisdiction's industry, public and animals; and international objectives.
  • The Sentient Animal Law Foundation works with organisations across the globe demonstrating the effective, practical application of this 3-word law reform.

And the Sentient Animal Law Foundation is the means of putting your personal voice alongside those who recognise that answers to modern world risks and opportunities require straight-forward, inclusive and authoritative tools to universally elevate standards of animal welfare.

Working together for law that gives a life enjoyed, not just endured

Positive animal welfare law is one ground-roots change that evolves multiple policies, practices and behaviours that affect the daily life experience of animals and people

There's an old saying that says: "For every thousand hacking at the leaves, there is one working on the roots".

This is a singularly focused ground-roots change that will see a review upward of all current standards which shape an animal's life experience. The task of implementing a law reform that shifts the duty of care beyond baseline anti-cruelty standards is one that predictably needs correlated efforts, skills, and aligned teamwork.

So we're looking to align with the champions, the visionaries, the people and organisations who:

  • want to update the rulebook so that "it's the law" that animals are not just protected from cruelty but also given access to comfort, interests, and pleasure ("positive animal welfare"); and
  • recognise that updating the rulebook governing the life experience of animals is more than just a nice thing to do, it's a vital thing to do if we are to evolve the current models of practice and give us all the best chance of effectively and efficiently resolving animal-related global issues.

Ian A. Robertson


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As a Foundation,...

...our focus is on making positive animal welfare "the law" in each country through a process of education, lobbying and collaborative assistance with organisations whose objectives are aligned with the concept of advancing law so that it gives all sentient animals a life enjoyed, not just endured.

There are many ways to make a difference in the world, lots of wonderful animal charities and animal-related causes. This one helps ALL of them by updating the law so that it reflects today's standards of good practice, scientific knowledge and the expectations of those who know we need to do more than simply protect animals from cruelty.

Positive animal welfare law would mean every sentient animal must be given access to comfort, interest, and pleasure. That's a pragmatic and attainable way of really making a difference to their daily life experience which is better for them, better for you, and gives the best chance of success to global initiatives that involve animals. So, let's talk about how together we can ...

... be a voice for a life enjoyed

The Sentient Animal Law Foundation